“I had the option to work for major brands after my time at Armani with some fantastic positions being offered to me. However, I guess it's in my nature to be an entrepreneur; my grandfather was, as well as my father.

When I look back on my life one day, I want to know that I was able to create something on my own that would make me proud. This opportunity presented itself, and I went for it."  says Ollie Amhurst, founder and creative director of LOT78.

LOT78 was started by Ollie over nine years ago with only two leather jackets. From the very beginning, the strategy was to build LOT78 into a men’s and women’s ready to wear line. The process has taken a lot of hustling and learning, but eventually, with the help and support of family and friends, Ollie managed to pursue his dreams with the brand. From the first collection literally sketched on a table cloth at Hotel du Nord, to now having a talented design team with a collection of over 200 pieces a season. “The journey has been undoubtedly incredible” - he says.